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Farewell Studio V

Today, with a tinge of sadness we say goodbye to our beloved Studio V. For the past 5 years the studio has been home to actors, film-makers, photographers, musicians, writers and a host of others in artistic pursuit. Due to current circumstances (the virus and its effect on just about everything) and the likely economic outlook, we’re changing direction for the space going forward.

I’d like to thank everybody who came to Studio V, and made it what it was. You’ll be sadly missed.

Pixies Blitz Palais Theatre Melbourne

I’d not seen them live til now. Last night at the Palais, they put on an amazing show resplendent with astonishing production. The use of video and lighting creating an enthralling depth on that old theatre stage. And of course, the band totally smashed it. Razor sharp, tight and bringing the kind of massive energy required to deliver that iconic Pixies sound – a significant achievement given how long they’ve been around.

Pixies, Palais Theatre Melbourne 09/02/2020

One of the many highlights – support band RVG – who felt like the perfect choice to open. Heart-felt, dramatic, soulful, dynamic.

RVG, Palais Theatre Melbourne 09/02/2020

Coming Home Live | China Archives

Coming Home live in China at Chang Jiang Festival 2012. Massive crowd & huge festival on the banks of the Yangtze River near Shanghai.

Last Friday in Auckland NZ

Caught this awesome band last Friday in Auckland. Andrew Fagan and the People. Lead singer Fagan was front man for legendary NZ band, The Mockers who had a bunch of hits in the 80s. It was a great night, loved the show, afterwards hangin’ with the guitarist & friends. Made for a tough 4am run to the airport to come home – but totally worth it.

Early Morn Saturday Boogieman

After midnight last Friday at Boogieman Bar, me and Rosco – guitar master & sound guy extraordinaire.

Boogieman Jam

Home in the wee hours this morning. Thanks to Boogieman Bar family. Epic Thursday night jam session. How good is that man Rosco! Damn. Tonight went there – Zep lyrics over Sabbath tunes. Rocked I tells ya!

Europe Tour 2020 Trailer

Just finished today. First of the video trailers for next year’s Euro Summer Tour…

Back To

Rehearsed today for upcoming recording. Felt great getting back into it. We’d had a short break after the European tour – which I think we needed just to come back & play the songs with fresh ears. We’d spent months of intensive rehearsal in the tour lead up. An all-out ear battering, playing the same songs over and over again.

Studio Fun

Studio’s coming along. Taking longer than expected, which is expected. New recordings to go down in there when it’s done (or mostly done). Stinking the house out with hard core marine paint on the bench tops. Paint guy recommended marine varnish due to the possibility of spilled alcohol. What was he thinking.

Go Dogs

Ladder collapsed under me late last week (working on our recording studio). My feet – two metres up when I fell from the top rung. Goddammit. Smashed to the floor almost horizontal & took a few things with me on the way down. Sounded like an explosion. Stunned & winded, checked for broken bones & head trauma (as best I could) and got up through a shit-storm of broken shit. Today – still sore but getting around… and reminding myself, AFL players do this every week……. Go Dogs.

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