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Taiwan TV Festival Footage, Join The Ride

Taiwan TV footage from Ho Hai Yan festival earlier this month. This is one of our current live favourites. Join The Ride (it’s working title) was written just before the German & China tours of April & May this year.

More Taiwan TV festival video coming soon.

Fires out.

Taiwan TV Festival Footage, Coming Home

Taiwan TV footage from Ho Hai Yan festival earlier this month. ‘Coming Home’ live.

Coming Home is the opening track on our 2010 ‘Betrayer’ album. You can download the song or the album from our Shop page.

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Darcy Fox Wins Latrobe Region Band Comp

We had a fantastic Saturday night at Premier Function Center, Taralgon for the Freeza Battle Of The Bands. Max was on the judging panel. 5 of Latrobe region’s best acts played their hearts out for a chance at state finals. The competition was pretty fierce. I couldn’t separate my favourites. Max & I had an agreement – I wasn’t allowed to talk to her about decision-making til the night was done. Darcy Fox took the honours. She came armed with an acoustic guitar, a beautiful voice & a loop pedal. The songs moved back and forth from sparseness to wall-of-sound. An amazingly talented artist. You’ve gotta have razor-sharp timing and nerves of steel to do what she did. And she did it as though it was all second nature. Definitely an artist with a huge future.

Darcy Fox
Darcy Fox (pic from her website).

We were still pumped after the event & decided to wind down by driving back to Melbourne, instead of staying the night like we’d planned.

Great & inspiring to see so many young people with so much talent.

Fires out.

Dandelion Wine, Amazing

We caught a thoroughly enthralling show last night at Reverence Hotel in Footscray. Our friends Dandelion Wine played a gripping headline slot, capturing everybody in the room, start to finish. It’s so unusual to see a 2 piece band with such a big, eclectic sound. In the first minutes I heard echoes of Portishead and Massive Attack. Then it turned fat & hard rocking. Then suddenly Middle-eastern beat-driven dance-rock. The guys are extremely talented multi-instrumentalists – and entertainers. An absolute must-see. They have one more show in Melbourne before heading off on an extensive European tour including shows in Germany, Poland, Romania and Estonia (and a headlining slot at a festival in a medieval castle).

Dandelion Wine at Reverence FScray
Dandelion Wine, Reverence Hotel, Footscray 25th July 2013.

Go seem em when you can.

Fires out.

Final Taiwan Video Tour Diary – Typhoon Episode

The 3rd and final Taiwan Video Tour Diary – the typhoon episode. On our way back from the last tour show at Revolver Bar in Taipei (last week), Typhoon Soulik slammed into the city making for one scary cab ride home. You gotta see this…

Off to the Dandelion Wine show tonight at Reverence Hotel, Footscray.

Fires out.

Dandelion Wine At Reverence Hotel Tomorrow

Our friends Dandelion Wine play tomorrow night at the Reverence Hotel , Footscray (Melbourne).

Dandelion Wine
Dandelion Wine.

The guys have toured Europe for years, starting back in 2002. Always great catching up & swapping tour tales…

Fires out.

Quick Version – Taiwan Video Tour Diary & Taipei Festival

Here’s a short 3 minute version of the Taiwan Video Tour Diary Part 2, featuring Ho-Hai-Yan festival in Taipei…

Fires out.

Video Tour Diary Part 2 – Ho Hai Yan Festival Taiwan

2nd Episode of the Taiwan tour diary – Ho Hai Yan festival. Hard to believe it was only last week. Awesome.

Fires out.

Taiwan Video Tour Diary Part 1

First Part of our Taiwan video tour diary below – Melbourne to Taipei & the lead up to the Ho Hai Yan festival.

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Back In Melbourne Town

Just got in. So tired. No sleep since Saturday night. Back on the horse this fine Melbourne Monday morning.

Ho-Hai-Yan Festival Taipei 2013
Ho-Hai-Yan festival Wednesday last week in Taipei.

Fires out.

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