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Back To The Yak @ Boogie Man Bar

Another great shot taken by Deano, last Saturday night at Boogie Man Bar – for our ‘Back To The Yak’ extravaganza. That’s Rosco on guitar. Check our Facebook for more pics & video!

Fires out.

Winners! Dave (Fishy) Frusher Meat Tray Raffle

So great. Tina & Daz took out Meat Tray honours – their first time ever in the venue, after having heard incessant reminiscing for years now about “The Yak Bar”. Last Saturday night was almost exactly how it was (way back when we started at The Yak) now called Mr Boogie Man Bar. Great atmosphere, great people – a welcoming tribe (yeah, I know I keep saying). Congrats guys! And again, thanks to Mr Clive Cooke for his donation of said meat tray. Very generous indeed.

Fires out.

Back To The Yak Goes Off!

A magnificent night Saturday night at Mr Boogie Man Bar for ‘Back to the Yak’.

Thanks to everybody who made it along – and for the very special night it was. Lots of people to thank for their support. We are The Tribe. Graham & Kate, Heidi, Madeleine A & Jax  – thanks for your epic efforts, serving all kinds of interesting food (including a mountain of fairy bread). To Paddy Lulu, Rod & Sean from Bomb Cafe – we salute you for generously giving us the ability to cook and reheat! And to Clive Cooke, thank you for donating the meat tray for the Dave Frusher meat tray raffle – and Heidi again for a sterling effort with the raffle tix.

Thanks to Rosco for brilliant guitar guest action in the 3rd set. Mr Mick Brown – you totally rocked on drums (under duress at times – created of course by me).

Fires out.

Tomorrow Night – Back To The Yak!

One more sleep til our last local show before heading overseas. Come on down to Mr Boogie Man Bar tomorrow night for a one-off ‘Back to the Yak’ extravaganza. Free entry, finger food, meat tray raffle, special guests. It’s all happening at the hottest show in town. 160 Hoddle St Abbotsford. See you there!

Fires out.

Back To The Yak – Sat 24th Aug 2019

Come down to Mr Boogie Man Bar Abbotsford, 7pm Sat 24th Aug. It’ll be an awesome night – free entry – and our last local show before heading to Europe in September. The Dave Frusher Meat Tray Raffle, a special guest or two, finger food and so much more. See ya there.

Sky Caves In Album Released On Spotify

Our debut album Sky Caves In is now available on Spotify at The On Fires page.

Check it out right here –

We’ve re-released this album in honour of our first European tour in 6 years – this September – and for ‘Back to the Yak’ at Mr Boogie Man Bar, 7pm 24th August. Check our FB page for details.

Sky Caves In was released in 2004 (Whoa) during the heady days of all things MySpace. We’d even book tours using this now all-but-defunct app, easily contacting bands overseas, jumping on lineups from Poland to Ukraine, sleeping on floors etc.

Sky was recorded locally at our previous home studio in Richmond. Mick Brown, who’ll be joining us at Back to the Yak, was our drummer way back then. And he killed it. Check the title track for one.

Fires out.

Meat Raffle Winner? – Back to the Yak

Meat raffle winner exraordinare – the mighty Mr Clive Cooke – will indeed this time be drawing the meat raffle at Back to the Yak, Ably assisted of course by Ms Heidi. This likely means he may well be out of the running to actually win it. There’s an historical tragedy playing out here. Perhaps he might have won it for a tenth time.

Alas, perhaps not this time…

Fires out.

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