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Max to the Max @the Retreat Abbotsford

Max rockin out yesterday at the Retreat Abbotsford. Direct from portrait painting, she’d had enough homework for one weekend. Time to let loose on the mic (and the bar). This Sunday coming – Campbell & bagpipes might be in the house… @retreat_abbotsford

THANKS TO ROHAN (official photographer extraordinaire) for the pics & video. Legend.

Saxon Raises Roof at Retreat

Saxon jumped up on Sunday and blew us away. I’m told he’s just 19. And one of the finest guitarists I’ve heard in a long while. Total virtuoso. Didn’t wanna follow him – but someone’s gotta do it. Stoked to do the Chili Peppers ‘Under the Bridge’ together. @retreat_abbotsford

Seeya Sunday at The Retreat Abbotsford!

The Never Ending Retreat Hotel Sunday Party

Such a great arvo again. Our friend from Florida, Ayala, joined us on her last Sunday here for a while. Sandy (who took the mic at some point), Cherish and Brad rocked up – hadn’t seen em for a while. The Boogieman crew were in. And it was Shane’s Birthday Bash! Sean got up a capella (one of my favourites). And Max killed it on a bunch of tunes. Massive day. See ya Sunday!


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