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Studio Fun

Studio’s coming along. Taking longer than expected, which is expected. New recordings to go down in there when it’s done (or mostly done). Stinking the house out with hard core marine paint on the bench tops. Paint guy recommended marine varnish due to the possibility of spilled alcohol. What was he thinking.

Go Dogs

Ladder collapsed under me late last week (working on our recording studio). My feet – two metres up when I fell from the top rung. Goddammit. Smashed to the floor almost horizontal & took a few things with me on the way down. Sounded like an explosion. Stunned & winded, checked for broken bones & head trauma (as best I could) and got up through a shit-storm of broken shit. Today – still sore but getting around… and reminding myself, AFL players do this every week……. Go Dogs.

Fred Rowan’s Parody Classic

It’s darkly hilarious and I’ve been hunting this for years – ‘Slice of the Pie’ – American Pie parody about former Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett – written and performed by Fred Rowan. I first heard this on Triple R when it was released in 1997. It might have actually been recorded live-to-air on the Breakfasters, and quickly went viral (or as ‘viral’ as things could be in the 90’s). Enjoy…


Hardest thing about working weekends is coming home past the places I would normally be having a beer & watching bands in. And seeing people in there, having a beer & watching bands. First world problem I know but seriously, is there no god?

Roots at Malthouse MIAF

Saw this last night at Malthouse, as part of Melbourne International Arts Festival. An amazing and engaging play – an intoxicating fusion of stunning projection mapping and comedic theatre. Left inspired about a completely different approach to lighting & production.

How Dare You!

Noam Chomsky: History is all too rich in records of horrendous wars, indescribable torture, massacres and every imaginable abuse of fundamental rights. But the threat of destruction of organized human life in any recognizable or tolerable form — that is entirely new. The environmental crisis under way is indeed unique in human history, and is a true existential crisis. Those alive today will decide the fate of humanity — and the fate of the other species that we are now destroying at a rate not seen for 65 million years, when a huge asteroid hit the earth, ending the age of the dinosaurs and opening the way for some small mammals to evolve to pose a similar threat to life on earth as that earlier asteroid, though differing from it in that we can make a choice.

Polska Demands New Record

Tour promoters in Poland, in anticipation of next year’s Europe tour, are asking when! When will The On Fires new record drop? We can’t say exactly – but we can say tracks from our forthcoming record will start appearing toward the end of this year…

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