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Surfer at Midi China

This video shot on a phone from the audience at Midi Festival, Beijing last month. Check the crowd surfer…

Kent sent me the link to this video from Chinese site YouKu.

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Fires out.

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Midi Festival Shot – China Tour Documentary Soon

Shot from last month’s Midi Festival in China…

(Thanks to longtruong’s Flickr page for the pic above)

By the time we got off stage at Midi we were all covered in a fine film of dust whipped up by a gigantic mosh pit.

China Tour documentary coming soon – we’ve just finished the editing phase.

Fires out.

Country Kick Back

Kicking back here at South West Rocks on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. It’s unseasonably cold here. We still went down to the beach today all the same. On the other side of the world, Max is still in Tennessee tonight, flying to New York City tomorrow.

Zebra Festival China, May 2011

It’s now been 2 weeks since I flew back into Australia. I think it was a good call to stay with my folks out in remote country towns while winding down from the US & China tours. It’s been like one absolute extreme to the other. Nothing moves too fast at all here & you can feel yourself walking & talking slower, blending into the town’s local pace. It’s almost hard to believe we were in the touring ‘tornado’ through China just 16 days ago.

Working on new songs.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Planet Carbon

Carbon Tax. We all pay tax. If you pollute – clean that shit up. If you don’t, then pay for someone else to clean up. We’re all sick of paying for your clean-up, you dirty bastards. Pay up. It’s just.

This planet will be for our children and their generations… what’s left of it.

Fires out.

New Material

It’s late Sunday night here in Moore Creek, Australia. New songs are coming – another screaming birth tonight.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Something Different – Tamworth Roos

Something different today…

We’re now at the end of the first week off-tour from the USA & China. I’d emailed Kent a couple of days ago about the Roos in my Mum’s backyard – so I shot this video. Mum (Maddy) lives at Moore Creek about 15 kms (8 miles) from Tamworth, northern New South Wales, Australia. The two Kangaroos in the video were winding up for the day. They’re nocturnal (it was about 9am).

Checkya tomorrow.
FIres out.

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