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Video Vault – China 2012

One from the archives. Coming Home, live at Chang Jiang Festival, Shanghai China 2012.

Fires out.

Friday Abbotsford Jammin

Heading over to Stalk & Kim’s tonight for yet another Friday night jam with resident band Us. Bit of excitement building on FB. Could be a few people turning up.

Last month at Stalk & Kim’s.

Working again tomorrow on the new venue. Starting early. Better keep the beers in check…

Fires out.

Random Street Photography

Funny story. About a month ago, some guy walked past me standing out front of the new venue. He doubled back moments later, “Mate, I gotta take your picture!”. I laughed, said “Yeah, OK”. So he took a few shots – me smoking standing at the front door. This morning, waiting to cross Hoddle St, this bloke comes up, “Hey mate how ya goin?”. Took me a bit to recognise him before he pulled out his phone & showed me his FB profile pic. And this was it –

Random Pic - Ricki Martinez

Turns out Ricki (introduced ourselves this morn) is a local photographer, crazy passionate about his craft. Shoots a lotta video too. There ya go.

Fires out.

Collingwood’s Town Hall In Red

Riding over the Stalk & Kim’s place last Friday night. Pulled up at the Gipps St lights to cross Hoddle St into Abbotsford & got a look at the Collingwood Town Hall. Council recently finished renovations on the heritage building, red light flooding the front. Looked awesome. I’m told the town hall was a major venue for bands, dances & other live performance back in the day.

Collingwood Town Hall
Collingwood Town Hall, Friday 18th July 2014.

Fires out.

Doggies Down In Thriller

Last night at Docklands Stadium, the Bulldogs went down to Essendon in a nail-bighter. Our buddy Mat Ward got us tix to the game & we sat through a tough, tight battle – the lead changing several times. Almost thought the Doggies had it, 20 points up in the final quarter. Not to be stripped of a finals birth, the Bombers rallied to pinch the game by 7 points. The final siren rang out as the Dogs had the ball deep in their forward line – but just couldn’t get clear to convert. Proud of the boys this morning, none the least with new-comer, 18-year-old Marcus Bontempelli (who I’d not heard of til very recently) and Jake Stringer who kicked 5 goals.

AFL: Last night at Docklands Stadium Melbourne, Western Bulldogs vs Essendon.

Many thanks Mat – hope you enjoyed it.
Fires out.

Up A Ladder

Been a little while since reporting on progress with the new venue. As you might expect, it’s a long process. We’re still powering away here, every day getting closer. For me, it’s as much about psychological trickery as anything else. Not good to stop & think about the work you’ve still gotta do. Better to set of series of unrealistic goals, work like crazy to meet em & reset when you don’t. That way, you stick your head up at some point & surprise yourself with what you’ve done, rather than focus from the beginning on what you haven’t. All that said, we’re well over the halfway mark. More happening this weekend.

Me up a ladder near ceiling, in a room behind the venue.

Fires out.

Ross Rocks Haslemere UK

Our buddy, Ross Buckingham solo acoustic at a festival in Haslemere, southwest of London last week. He wrote to us on Facebook – “My set included some of your songs, they went down really well! The festival was headlined by Ade Edmondson”s (from The Young Ones”) band Bad Shepherd and The Blockheads who were just outstanding! Big weekend!

Ross Buckingham, Haslemere UK July 2014.

Onya Ross!
Fires out.

Doggies Alright

Doggies doing OK. Upset win over the Gold Coast on Saturday at Cazalys Stadium, Cairns. Mathematically impossible to make finals at this late stage, the Western Bulldogs have finally found some consistent form. Light appearing at the end of the tunnel. Might even finish in the top two-thirds this season…

Fires out.

Bagpipin’ AcaDaca

Thanks to Woz for sending this video link. Horns up.

Fires out.

Sunday At Stalk & Kim’s

Sunday night at Stalk & Kim’s. That’s my Dad who’s down from South West Rocks, NSW for a few days. Brother Gav was there as well, jamming as the newest member of Stalk & Kim’s ever evolving house band ‘Us’. Great way to see out the weekend. Not so sharp this find Monday morning.

Thanks to Stalk for this shot (taken from his Facebook).

Fires out.

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