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Pizza – knife and fork???

A moment that sparked discussion last Sunday – Pizza with knife and fork (or not…)??? Thanks to Ro for these pics. There’s also one of Brixton looking for attention during the gig (Retreat Abbotsford). @retreat_abbotsford

Seeya this Sunday!

A little sleepy, yesterday at the Retreat

Al & Rowan took some great shots yesterday at the Retreat. It was a little more subdued until half way through the 2nd set. Apparently it’d been a very big weekend for many (starting with a Thursday night AFL footy final – hot Pies). Seeya Sunday.

Spring Springs, Sunday @ Retreat Abbotsford

Ebs jamming later in the eve last Sunday @retreat_abbotsford and Lizzy totally killin’ it for Abbotsford Song to close the gig. Hey it was a nice day (first warm one for a while…). Seeya Sunday!

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