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Nirvana In Bloom

Love this Nirvana clip – particularly Kurt’s mischievious expression throughout. In Bloom.

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Classic – Beatles Live

Classic. Beatles live at Shae Stadium 1965…

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Bendigo Hotel Under Siege – Resident Moron

Beat Magazine recently published this article below. Why the hell would you move to Collingwood – and complain about live music? (Thanks to TC for sending us the link)

Beat Mag Noise Article Bendigo Hotel

Here’s an excerpt from the full article on Beat’s website

The Bendigo Hotel on Johnston Street in Collingwood is the latest live music venue to contend with noise complaints.

In this case, it is from a single resident, who moved into the area in March, and began contacting the licensing authority, the local Council and police a month after. The Bendigo has never been charged with a breach by police or the licensing authority as a result of the complaints, and has had supportive letters from other residents saying the pub’s noise is no problem to them.
“I’ve never met him,” owner Guy Palermo told Beat about the resident. “He refuses to meet up with me. In four years, this is the only time I’ve had a complaint. Once his lease ends, I’m sure he will be gone, leaving me out of pocket thousands of dollars. It is possible he may cause the end of live music at The Bendigo after 100 years of the hotel’s operation.”

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Mercy Dash Reunion Show Hots Up

The wheels are well and truly in motion for a Mercy Dash reunion show. Mick Brown sent me the set lists last week – a total blast from the past, identical to what we played as a band in the late 90’s. And the date for the show appears to be Sat 18th of Jan 2014. More about the venue soon – it’ll be down on (or near) the Mornington Peninsula somewhere. The guys wanna do a matinee and evening show. Mercy Dash had a few different singers & musicians rotate in and out. Looks like everybody who played in the band will perform throughout the show. And to tantalise the big-hair-musical-taste-buds here’s a pic from back in the day…

MercyDash at Marty's Place
Mercy Dash at my place in the 90’s.

Scary stuff. This was my first serious band. We hit it pretty hard, playing 4 or 5 nights a week for a couple of years. Mick Brown on the left has since played drums for The On Fires at shows and on recordings, including our debut album Sky Caves In. I’d also played in a band called Trace with Mick and Brendan Young (on the right) just before TOF began. That’s Chris Micalef, bass-player in the middle.

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Steve Lane and the Autocrats – Birds Taking Flight

Listening to ‘Steve Lane and the Autocrats’ latest album, Birds Taking Flight. Met up with Steve last week, really great to see him – it had been a long while. Steve & band have been out on the road touring their new release. The album sounds fantastic. Steve wanted me to listen & tell him what I thought. Hope it’s OK buddy, I’m going public on this one. If I had to put some kind of ‘stamp’ on it, I’d say flavours of Josh Pyke, Killers, Beatles & classic 80’s legendary Aussie band Sunnyboys. It’s a great sounding record (engineered by David Carr), with a wealth of catchy songs and plenty of depth, thoughtful & intelligent lyrics and excellent pop sensibility. Good on ya Steve. Big thumbs up! Here’s the video clip for the first track, April Tuesday…

Played in a band with Steve many years ago when we were both just out of high school. We both had plenty to talk about last week. Couple of guys who’ve taken quite different paths with our careers – and yet so much in common. Plenty of war stories to share between us. Seems the music industry is the same all over the world.

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Beer Prank

Craigie sent us this video link yesterday. Highly sophisticated beer prank…

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Mary Meets Mohammad

Saw this film at Kino Melbourne yesterday – Mary Meets Mohammad. An important insight into the human experience of asylum seekers in Australia. A must-see for anyone with an opinion about refugees, regardless of viewpoint.

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Rolling Stones Live

Stones live at Hyde Park. Massive.

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Long Truong’s Awesome Festival Pic

Max down at the crowd barrier shortly after the Strawberry Festival show, Beijing 2012. Seconds later, the crowd broke through en masse. Security stormed the area & whisked Max to ‘safety’. Everything under control after a scary few minutes.

Max Strawberry Fest

Photographer, Long Truong took this amazing shot.

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The Preatures

Saw this Saturday night on Rage. Stuck in my head –

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