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China Tour Festival Highlights Video

We’ve created a video highlights package from May’s China tour, featuring Strawberry Fest in Beijing & Chang Jiang Fesival in Zhenjiang (near Shanghai).

Our next show will be in Melbourne on 11th November at Abbotsford Hall, corner Hoddle & Gipps Sts.

This week, Melbourne is in the grip of AFL Grand Final fever. The city’s media and population is obsessing about Saturday, when just about everybody in town will find themselves in front of a TV somewhere to watch the Hawks & the Swans wrestle for football supremacy. Go Hawks…


Triple R Radio Melbourne

Subscribed The On Fires to Triple R Radio in Melbourne this morning. A little late – the radiothon was a few weeks back. Better late than never. Fantastic community radio (lifeblood of Melbourne’s music & arts scene). Listening to Bigsy’s talk back show right now, without the guilt that comes with freeloading.

Rehearsals for the show in November underway. More news soon (check the post below).

Have a good weekend.
Fires out.

Big Melbourne Show Coming – 11 November

We’ve been working hard on planning a big Melbourne show for Sunday 11th November. We’ve booked a hall in Abbotsford for the event. The show is being modeled on the classic Yak Bar experience and we’ve got ourselves a liquor license for the day. We’ll have cheap beer & wine (Yak Bar prices circa 2005), free party pies & sausage rolls, audience percussion and Stalk working behind the bar (for some of the day). How good is that!

The show kicks off at 2pm (with the bar opening at 1pm) and winding up by 6. We’ve got a comedic opening act, after which we’ll hit the stage with a bevvy of guest artists from near and far. And as part of the community vibe, we’ll also be raising funds for charity.

It’s shaping up to be our biggest Melbourne show, ever. We’ll keep you posted as the show builds & more details come to hand. And if you feel like pitching in & helping us set up on the day, drop us a line. Feel free to leave a comment below – or hit us up on Facebook.

Checkya later.
Fires out.

Winners of Live Video Comp, Pete & Gary

Today we announce the winner of our Favourite Live Video competition. Over the past couple of months we’ve been asking you for links to your favourite live video. We’ve had a bunch of fantastic entries & an eclectic range of artists and bands. We’ve posted the video entries here & on our Facebook page to count the Likes for each vid. At the end of the comp, two videos are tied for the most ‘Like’ votes. And the winners are…

Pete Schmidt for his magnificent entry, MC5 Kick Out The Jams – live in Detroit.

Gary Bruce for his dark-horse favourite, Living Colour Desperate People – live in Philadelphia.

And the PRIZE: We want the guys to present 3 to 5 of their favourite live music videos. But first, we’d like em to film themselves presenting each video (smart phone vid will be fine – about 30 secs for each video). We’ll edit the video and present it Rage-style, on our website and Facebook page. Drop us a line when you’re ready Gary & Pete.

But wait, there’s more – the guys have also won a 5-free-drink pass each, for our next show in Melbourne (11th November – yet to be announced). You can pick up your drink tix at the show, guys.

Honourable mentions:
It was a tightly contested comp, and we had some cracking entires. These folks just got pipped at the line –

TC with his Megadeth Symphony Of Destruction live vid.
Kate with her ACDC Long Way To The Top vid.
Graham Jones with Derek Trucks Layla live.
And I can’t finish without mentioning Mat Ward’s Wombles live at Glastonbury video.

Many thanks to everyone who entered. It was certainly an enlightening experience.


Busy Writing…

Spent the past week neck-deep in programing. Still going. Working on new sounds & new material.

We’ve also got a show booked for Melbourne in 2 months. It’ll be big. More news soon.

And this week we’ll announce the winner of the live video comp.

Checkya later,

Pete Sends The Final Fav Live Vid? (Ramones CBGB 1977)

Has Pete Schmidt just given us the last fav live video entry? – Ramones live at CBGB 1977. It’s a classic last minute killer vid…

There’s still time for one or two more, we’ll keep the lines open for a couple more days for any last minute live video entries. Prize winner announced soon (late this week).

‘Like’ Pete’s video if you like it on our Facebook page. Or leave a comment here. We’re counting the votes.

Send us a link to your fav live video. So far Pete Schmidt & Gary Bruce are sharing the lead with the most ‘Likes’ for MC5s Kick Out The Jams & Living Colour’s Desperate People.

It’s a fantastic day in Melbourne. Sun’s out, blue skies. Spring has arrived.


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