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TOF – Drumhead Mag USA

Kent Aberle just emailed the shot below – an article about this year’s China tour in this months US Drumhead Magazine.

Kent (based in Atlanta GA) has done a bunch of touring with us over the past couple of years, including Canada, US and China. Check out the tour documentary vid at the top of this page.

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Facebook Cherry Shot

Darren loaded this pic on Facebook – taken after the show last Friday night, outside Cherry Bar, AC DC Lane Melbourne.

Check our Facebook.

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Fires out.

You Am I Rocks The Tote

It’s been a big week since the show at Cherry Bar last Friday…

Caught up with members of the Yak Crew yesterday arvo at The Vic bar, Abbotsford. Had a few beers there before wandering across to The Tote in Collingwood with Craigie. We got there for the start of a ‘mystery’ band night – which turned out to be a secret show for Australian rock legends, You Am I. A great surprise indeed.

I say this every time these days – but I really need to pace the beer drinking a little better. By the time we left, neither Craig nor myself were particularly well, making for a long stagger home…

Me and Craigie on our way to The Tote last night.

Across the other side of town, Max and friends were cutting backing vocals for The Vagrants next release in a studio in South Melbourne. Max tells me everybody had a ball.

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Fires out.

Cherry Bar Final Show For The Year

Played one of our favourite shows for the year, Friday night at Cherry Bar (Melbourne). Again, the weather looked ominous – the same thing happened last year (almost a year to the day) – but The On Fires faithful made there way out in great numbers to be at the show. Mat Ward took some great shots…

Always great to see so many familiar faces in the audience (we loved this hometown show). Everybody dancing & singing along etc. The Resignators hit the stage after us and delivered the expected blistering fun set, Max and Mat Ward shakin’ it down front in the crowd, sweat pouring.

The Cherry Bar show on Friday was also our last show for the year. We’re bunkered down now, working on the next album & preparing for next year’s overseas touring to the US, China and Europe. There’s also talk of more shows in Melbourne (more than one for the year) and a possible Australian tour…

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Tonight – Cherry Bar Melbourne

Tonight’s the night. Our final show for the year at Cherry Bar, AC DC Lane Melbourne.

We’re on stage just before 9pm.

Seeya tonight,
Fires out.

This Friday at Cherry Bar Melbourne

This Friday night we hit the stage at Cherry Bar, AC DC Lane Melbourne – our final show for the year. It’s an early show, due on stage just before 9pm. We’ll be off stage by 10 & hangin’ out at Cherry Bar for the rest of the night.

The shot below – this time last year at Cherry Bar with special guests (left to right) Stalk Stabb and Andrew Carney on backing vocals, Mick Brown on drums, Mike Galliccio on bass, Mark Gardner on Sax (and Campbell McCance on bag pipes later in the show)…

As mentioned in previous posts, taking the stage right after us – The Resignators, a ska-punk rollicking good time. Dancing shoes on for this one.

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Saturday AM TOF HQ

Watching the end of Rage on this fine Saturday morning. Loving the start of the weekend. About to head down to the corner shop for coffee & something to eat. House mate, Scotty, had a big one last night. He just cooked up a mass of sausages as hangover therapy – he’s lookin’ better already.

Blue Juice’s ‘Act Yr Age’ on TV at the moment…

Rehearsals going great for the Cherry Bar show this Friday – the last one was Wednesday. Having a great time with Gabe from Sons Of Messengers on drums. It’s sounding freekin’ awesome. Gonna be a great show.

Checkya later,
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The Resignators Toronto to Cherry Bar

Right after we finish the show at Cherry Bar (Fri 18th Nov), The Resignators take the stage. We first met the guys in Toronto earlier this year. We were doing a show at the Horseshoe Tavern & the Resignators’ guitarist helped me through some technical difficulties. At the last minute, one of my pedals had packed up. It was all fixed about 30 seconds before we went on. The Resignators took the stage just after us and we loved it. Danced our arses off.

Anyway, we hung out that afternoon talking all things touring. I do remember (somehow) staggering through the streets of Toronto with most of the band.

The Resignators – pic taken from their website.

They’ve also been hard at work on the latest Cherry Bar Poster…

Checkya later.
Fires out.

Red Back In Dog House

Case of Monday-itis this morning. Was a great weekend. Caught a band on Friday night, hanging with friends Saturday, recovery Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, while spraying out Mojo’s dog house yesterday morning, Max discovered this little beauty –

The spider in the shot above was caught fleeing the scene (that’s Max’s finger in glove on the left). For our overseas readers, it’s called a Red Back – one of Australia’s most venomous, dangerous spiders. Not good for the dog to be sleeping with – and this one was particularly big as far as Red Backs go. Apparently, it’s poison attacks the nervous system, causing death or serious illness. My dad was bitten by a Red Back & didn’t get to the doctor fast enough. It took about 7 years to fully recover. Nasty little buggers…

Final show for the year at Cherry Bar AC DC Lane Melbourne – Friday 18th November.

Checkya later,
Fires out.

China Tour Talk – 2012

The first draft of next year’s China tour dates hit our inbox this week. We’re checking through the details at the moment & no doubt we’ll go back and forth a bit before we lock all the shows in. We’re a little way from any official announcement yet – but it looks as though we’ll be starting in Shanghai, April 2012.

The On Fires at Zebra Festival, China 2011.

It always gets the blood pumping when we see the first proposed tour dates. We’ve been home for over a month now & we’ve still got til March 2012 before it all starts again – which is great (It’s good to be home & not constantly moving). There’s something surreal about touring, especially the week before we leave. You look around at everything in the familiar world where you live, knowing full well that in less than 7 days you’ll be standing on a stage somewhere on the other side of the world. And the mayhem kicks off all over again…

Speaking of which, only 2 weeks til our final show for the year (and our only Aussie show for 2011) – Friday 18th November at Cherry Bar, AC DC Lane, Melbourne.

Have a good weekend!

Checkya later,
Fires out.

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