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Monterey Club, Ft Lauderdale Tonight – Lake Worth Last Night

We’re just about to pull up to the Monterey Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Gotta get ready to load in. Last night at One For The Road in Lake Worth was a blinder. Tonight should be great. More soon…

We’ve loaded into Monterey. We’re waiting til midnight now for show time. In the mean time, check this video out from our show in Atlanta on Saturday at Smiths Olde Bar (click the pic to view the vid)…

A big thanks to John and the guys from Routine Scheme for last night’s show at One For The Road. As ever, it was an awesome night, a stack of people coming out on a Tuesday to catch a great line-up. Tomorrow we’ll be playing at Ian’s House Party – which has been moved down the street to Winey World (Ian’s friend’s place). It’ll be an amazing night – these guys set their homes up like venues, with full stage, sound and bar.

Checkya later,
Fires out.

Cocoa, Florida last night – One For The Road Tonight.

It was a rainy (and sorta quiet) night in Cocoa town last night. The Three Two One Local Rock Bar had a few people in to see the show on a Monday night. We went on 2nd, which meant having a few beers and meeting some local folks during the 3rd band.

Just about to check out of the hotel now & head down to Lake Worth, for our 3rd time at One For The Road (we’ve played there on the past 2 tours). Looking forward to hanging with the guys from Routine Scheme who put the show together – and are also on the line-up.

Checkya later,
Fires out.

Smiths Atlanta Rocks Out, Coco Beach Florida Tonight.

Saturday night at Smiths Olde Bar in Atlanta was a great show. The biggest venue we’ve played so far on the tour. Big stage, great sound & production. We had a good crowd too, opening up for local hip hop crews, Outa Sight and Vonnegutt.

Kim Koch, Atlanta’s finest rock photographer, took this shot above (at Smiths). Thanks Kim.

We’re half way to Coco Beach (the next show), in a Super 8 hotel, where we spent the night. Slept pretty well last night. We’ve got an interview this afternoon & better hit the road shortly. The show tonight – Three Two One Local Rock Bar in Coco Beach, Florida. Check the Shows page for details.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

Athens Last Night, Atlanta Tonight – Smiths Olde Bar

We’re looking forward to tonight’s show in Atlanta at Smith’s Olde Bar. Should be a big turn-out. We’ll be hitting the stage about 9:30.

Last night we played at Rye Bar in Athens. It’s a small bar, built into a basement. We played there on the last tour. The joint was packed by the end of our set. We had a great time, but couldn’t hang out after the show for too long – had to drive back to Atlanta (2.5 hours) to sleep and get ready for tonight.

Slept pretty well last night – sleep has been really scarce (last night I was walking around before the show like a zombie – more of a weakened glide, than a walk). Again, once the show started, we were all into it, sweat flying etc. It was a great crowd & atmosphere.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Press From Home – The Age

A good friend and long-time supporter, Sandy, emailed us a copy of this article below – taken from The Age (last Friday). We played a couple of shows in Toronto – including The Aussie BBQ at the Horseshoe Tavern, pictured below…

Many thanks & big hugs, Sandy.

Birmingham, Alabama tonight – at The Nick. Check the Shows page for details – Seeya there.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

The Nick – Birmingham Alabama, Thursday

Crazy freekin’ day today. Running around like maniacs, getting ready for the long haul part of the US tour – starting tomorrow. Must stay sane, must stay sane…

Off to get some food, then back to work.

Next show, Thursday night in Birmingham, Alabama, at The Nick. Check the shows page for full details.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out

Nashville Tennessee

We’re back on the tour bus, headed for Atlanta. Last night we had a great time at the show in Nashville at ‘The 5 Spot’. We were pretty tired by the time we hit the stage. Sleep has been a hard thing to get for the past few days. We looked & felt tired when we hit the stage. Soon as the drums kicked off the first song, I forgot all about it & got down to business. Today is the 4th day without a shower. 3 shows in a row without a wash – we all stink in here. The bus trouble in Cleveland put us behind schedule for getting to any camp sites or motels with bathroom facilities. So we’ve been eatin’ & sleepin’ in here…

We’re nearly back at Kent’s place – Atlanta base camp. Maybe another hour or so – then we will shower. We’ve just crossed the Tennessee mountains & we’re back in Georgia.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

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The Down Town, Morristown, Tennessee

Yesterday, we spent the day at Mowery Auto Repairs in Cleveland, Tenessee, getting the tour bus fixed. Derek, the mechanic there, worked tirelessly all day (& made a work space for us in the garage). When he’d finished replacing the water pump, and a fixing a few other probs with the bus, he gave us an incredibly generous invoice & sent us on our way. It’s people like Derek that keep the show on the road & we can’t thank him enough. The tour bus is running really smooth now.

A few hours later we arrived at The Down Town in Morristown (Tenessee), with a couple of hours to spare before the show. The Down Town is a fantastic venue – run by passionate live music lovers, Alan and Pattie. It was a pleasure and an honour to play there last night. We hung out with the guys after the show, sharing tour tales and stories of running a live music venue in tough economic times. They’re great people, committed to the cause of keeping their beloved live band venue alive. The look and atmosphere of The Down Town reminded us of Melbourne’s Yak Bar (where we first got our start). We had a ball.

(Blurry Shot of Pattie and Alan at The Down Town)

Right now, we’ve just landed in Nashville for a show tonight at The 5 Spot. I’m about to jump out of the bus and take a look.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

PS: pics from last night on Facebook.

Inherent Records Rocks Tennessee

We had a great show last night in a small town called Cleveland in Tennessee. The venue – Inherent Records, a cool little record store with a monster PA and great atmosphere. A crowd of local music lovers came out & made it a great night. The guys who run the store were really nice people with a passion for keeping independent music alive.

(Friends at Inherent Records)

Prior to the show, the bus overheated 5 miles from town. We pulled over, let it cool down, jumped back in & made a dash for the venue. We got there just in time for set up, steam and water flowing from the engine bay. A local girl, Rebecca, called her friend Derek (a local mechanic). He came down, checked it out & diagnosed a blown water pump. The bus was parked right there for the night. It was a rough kinda night – not a lotta sleep in the bus (5 of us sprawled out with all the gear). Derek rolled up again at 8:30am & we followed him to his workshop in Cleveland. We’re still there now. Looks like he’s nearly finished replacing a bunch of suspect parts including the water pump. It’s been a long day for him (tough job).

Hopefully we’re on the road shortly. We need to get to the next town, Morristown, for a show tonight at The Down Town on Main Street. It’s a 2 hour drive away. Fingers crossed, after today the bus will be rocking for the rest of the tour.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Tour Bus Tomorrow

Tennessee tomorrow. We’ll be playing a show at Inherent Records in Cleveland, Morrison Saturday & Nashville on Sunday. The tour van arrives in the morning. Spent the day running around tying up loose ends (eg replacing a guitar pedal smashed by the airlines early in the week). Atlanta’s traffic was at it’s finest this afternoon….

So at this point, we’re set to go.

Check the Shows page for tour details.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

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