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Great Great Massive Arvo Yesterday at Retreat

It was huge. Played a country themed show from 1-4pm, followed by the Retreat All Star band who totally killed it in the pool room. People dancing on the pool table. Great to see the place soooo packed – the LoJo Festival a resounding success.

This Sunday will be my 30th show there! Kicking off at 3:30pm (back to normal time). Seeya there…

LoJo Festival This Sunday!

We’ll be playing LoJo Festival this Sunday. Kicking off 1:30pm at Retreat Hotel Abbotsford. Playing a few sets til 4 in ‘country stylin’. The mighty Retreat All Stars will take over from then in the Pool Room! Jamming til late.

Eye of the Tiger, Sunday

Another special one this Sunday at the Retreat Abbotsford. We can’t say sock-puppets at this stage. But we can say we’ll be following a Big Tszyu boxing match between 3 & 4. ‘Eye of the Tiger’?

Great day at the Retreat Abbotsford, Seeya Sunday

Great day yesterday at the Retreat. It was the 26th Sunday show! Seeya this Sunday. Below is a pic from a couple of weeks back. The joy of sock-puppet mastery, creating a rousing rendition of Hey Jude. Bloody hilarious.

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