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Blush Ya Ya’s, Last Night

Smith St was happening when we left Blush’s show last night in the early hours of this morning. The street has certainly come a long way from it’s seedy past, which is still evident in pockets here and there. Interestingly, at the southern end it’s taken off as a small gay-bar precinct, along side other cafes & bars & band venues. Earlier in the night at Ya Ya’s, The Antoinettes opened for Blush. Drummer ‘Cat’ (pictured below) is someone I haven’t seen for years, ran into her while they were setting up. She was a regular at the infamous Joey’s in St Kilda back in the 90s when I was playing in one of the house bands there. Joey’s was a crazy late-night joint, we’d start at 2am & play til 6. You can imagine the carnage. Great to see Cat last night, playing in her new band.

Cat drumming for The Antoinettes, last night at Ya Ya’s, Smith St Fitzroy (Melbourne).

Sunset Blush hit the stage around 11pm, wearing his trade-mark purple gear & cape. First half of the show had an electronic vibe with synth sounds & beats. Then he changed over to guitar, and featured a guest violinist. Plenty of on-stage humour and love in the room for Blush. Everybody loves him, just one of those guys you can’t help but like. Another quirky, fun show from our very own purple prince.

Sunset Blush at Ya Yas 30May13
Sunset Blush last night at Ya Ya’s, Smith St Fitzroy (Melbourne).

Fires out.

Sunset Blush – Ya Ya’s Tonight

Going down to Ya Ya’s in Smith St, Fitzroy (Melbourne) tonight to see our friend Sunset Blush. He hits the stage around 9:30.

Sunset Blush

Check out his Facebook. Wild & quirky, Blush’s shows are always fun, unusual & eclectic. Review tomorrow.

Fires out.

Brooklyn Unplugged 2010

One of my favourite ‘unplugged’ songs from the Somewhere In The World series, when we were on tour in the US. Based in Brooklyn early in 2010, we stayed with a local community leader, King. We recorded this Bob Marley song with him – check out his rap in the final verse, totally off the cuff. The song is interspersed with footage of a block party we were really fortunate to be part of.

You can see The Somewhere In The World series on our YouTube channel – songs we played & filmed on tour with local guest artists from Europe, the US, China and Australia. 14 songs from around the world (2010 & 2011).

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Classic Stones Vid

Good for a cold Tuesday morning in Melbourne…

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Back To It & Taiwan

“Normal” life started again today. After 2 months of touring, the months before planning & the past couple of weeks coming back to Earth, we’re back into the routine of life in Melbourne. Had a great weekend – it’s good to be home.

Taiwan looms in the distance, mid July. Feels like an eternity away – but it’ll roll around quick. We’re doing a few shows there, including Hohaiyan Rock Festival at Fu-Long beach in Taipei County.

Hohaiyan Rock Festival 2013
Hohaiyan Rock Festival, Taiwan.

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The Complete Series – Video Diaries Out Now On YouTube

Video Tour Diaries on YouTube as a complete series. We’ve compiled this 10 part video documentary, through Germany & China, into one full playlist – so you can hit the video below or our YouTube channel – and see all the drama in one hit! 20 shows across two continents, April and May this year.

These diaries were a little different from those we’ve shot before. We wanted to show more grit & behind-the-scenes stuff, highs and lows. It’s a way more candid look at life on the road. Darkly surprising how much of our day is spent inside a vehicle of some kind.

Next tour, I’m taking a Go Pro & Zoom. That’ll be wild…

Fires out.

Video Tour Diaries, Final Episode

Final Episode of the German & China tour diaries, featuring an interview with Max talking about her most memorable moments – and Marty playing with the Beijing Bombers (Aussie Rules Football)…

We’re finally home – back from tour & a few days visiting our folks on the weekend.

Fires out.

Video Tour Diaries Part 9

Latest video tour diaries, featuring our Houston drummer Kevin leaving us in Chengdu & our last tour shows as a 2-piece electro-rock band in Wuhan (kids went nuts) and Nanchang, where Max was nearly squashed by a rolling “cyclo-thing”…

Final Episode coming soon where Max gives us her tour highlights from Germany and China.

Fires out.

Classic Homecoming Footy Weekend

Have we missed it while we’ve been away? Check this out – another of this weekend’s thrillers. A rare draw in Aussie Rules football, and on the weekend we arrived home. YEAH!

Next episode of the China video tour diaries coming soon. Hanging in Tamworth, country music capital of Australia. Great times with my family here. Missed em a lot.

Fires out.

Natanui, Take That – Aussie Rules

How was it last night! Thriller, heart-stopper. North Melbourne had it all night. And I feel so sorry for my best mate Craigie (Roos). But when Natanui took this hanger deep in the forward line in the dying seconds, the crowd hit fever pitch. He walked back for the kick. The siren sounded – game over. He stopped his run-up (always a danger), re-set and ran in again. The kick was dead straight, right through the middle. West Coast, winners by one solitary kick.

AFL football is a national health risk. I die every weekend, heart pounding, win or lose.

Fires out.

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