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More Rhys Pics Sunday Retreat

More great shots of Ryhs ‘on stage’ Sunday! Thanks @maxharmanartist for the pics.
There’s a super cute one of Ebs dancing with Brixton (her infamous Jack Russell)
See you Sunday for the 2nd last show!

Rhys Raises Roof Retreat

Rhys busting out a set yesterday. A total standout highlight for the Sunday Retreat shows. Had the place roaring. Great shot of Max too. Just 2 shows remain for the year (then I’m taking a break for a while). Seeya Sunday! (thanks for the pics Ro!)

Sean’s a cappella hits Retreat

Sean’s a cappella ‘The Gambler’ at the Retreat last Sunday. It’s been a while… and a very welcome return. @retreat_abbotsford . Seeya Sunday.

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