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Bonnie Doon Bound

Internet out here ain’t good, country-side near infamous Bonnie Doon. Updates scarce for the past few days. Should be good tomorrow. Another favourite live video entry on the way. Checkya then.
Fires out.


Alice Cooper Live – Mat Ward’s Live Video Favourite

We’re looking for your favourite live video. Today’s entry is from Mat Ward who sent us this video link – Alice Cooper live in London. ‘Like’ it on our Facebook page or leave a comment here. Send us your favourite live video link & we’ll feature it here (& Facebook). Read Mat’s explanation below…

Mat’s explanation:

Roight, ere we go – this is a classic. Alice Cooper still going strong after over 40 years as the original shock rock star. This one has it all: World famous classic song, audience sing-a-long, giant balloons, swordplay, fabulous top hat and tails and my favourite ever lyric: “We got no class, we got no principals, we got no intelligence, we can’t even think of a word that rhymes!”.

Keep sending those video links!


Voted by you & presented by you – The greatest live concert video of all time

Send us a YouTube link to your favourite live concert video ever – and we’ll post those videos (one per person) each day on our website & Facebook. Vote for your favourite video, whether it’s yours or someone else’s, by hitting the ‘Like’ button on each post.

The video with the most ‘Likes’ wins. And here’s the prize: If your video wins, we’ll fearture your top 5 videos on our website and Facebook, one per day for 5 days.

But wait, there’s more: If you win, we want you to record a 3 minute video of yourself (on your phone or whatever) telling us why you like each video – and we’ll feature your explanation before each video, Rage-style.

It’s a hunt for the greatest live video of all time, voted by you and presented by you.

To kick things off, check out this sweet little number by Germany’s finest theatrical metalists, Rammstein…

Send us your favourite live video link – entries close sometime soon (maybe late next week).


Amazing Live Vid – The Prodigy

Amazing video: The Prodigy – Firestarter, live in Scotland at ‘T In The Park’, 1996.


Drummer At The Wrong Gig?

Mick Brown found this video for us. Hilarious – you gotta check this out. Is This drummer at the wrong gig?

Mick Brown (not featured in this video) played drums with us, on and off, from when we started in 2003 til 2007. You’ll hear Mick on the first album, Sky Caves In & on the first EP, Let You Go. He’s also done a stack of live shows with us. These days, Mick’s got a new band and we’re waiting to hear what they’ve got for release…


Vagrants Rock The Espy Saturday

Great night down at The Espy on Saturday. The Vagrants put on a great set, headlining the night with 4 other bands. A quick snippet of the night in the video below…

As mentioned on our FB page, Ross & I split a cab from Abbotsford down to St Kilda for the night. Sporting a tooth-ache, Ross had downed a decent amount of pain-killing vodka before hand. Safe to say, we were off to an early start & I had some catching up to do. Slow start to the day, yesterday.

Not sure of the names of the other bands on the line-up. I’ll find out from Steve (The Vagrants) later this week. They were excellent so I’ve gotta figure out who was who.

The Vagrants’ next show is a big one at The Tote in Collingwood, Sunday 5th August – starting at 3pm. It’s a Beyond Blue fundraiser. More news about that one in the coming week or so.


Vagrants At Espy Tonight

Very good friends, The Vagrants, are playing The Espy tonight (Basement Bar). We’re getting a crew together this side of town (Abbotsford) to split a cab to the show (and home). They’re due on stage around midnight. Any takers – you’re more than welcome – jump on our FB page, or leave a comment here. It’ll be a great night (at this stage, I am committed to pacing myself)…


Ross Buckingham’s Skeleton

Thursday last week, our friend Ross Buckingham performed at Acoustic 2012 – an event based at Bazoo in Croydon (outer suburb of Melbourne). As part of the set, Ross played Skeleton (Betrayer Album). It’s always great to hear someone’s interpretation of one of our songs – especially when it’s taken in such a different direction.

Good on ya Ross! Seeya Saturday night at the Vagrants Espy show.


Footy Sunday

Had a big Sunday watching footy down at a local pub here in Abbotsford. Unfortunately, our hapless Bulldogs went down catastrophically to likely Premiership contenders, Hawthorn. It’s a ‘re-building phase’ we’re told. True, the Dogs have been up for a few years & now it’s our turn to flounder – but from the look on the faces of supporters at the game, this is cold comfort. Anyway, as my dad always says, ‘It’s a 5 year plan, Marty’. (a 5 year plan that’s been going for decades…)

On a better note, house-mate Scotty is on top of the world today – his Sydney Swans on top of the ladder after dismantling Westcoast at Subiaco yesterday. Ah the joys of being home for an AFL season…


Go Now – Tony Biggs, RRR Radio Melbourne

Listening to Tony Biggs’ On The Blower right now – Melbourne 3RRR radio. Stream it here. Talk back with a difference (social conscience). For mine, one of the best radio shows going.

Biggsy kicks off at 9 on Fridays, talk back goes for an hour til midday. Check it out.

3RRR is a community radio station in Melbourne with massive ratings – because of shows like the one happening right now.


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