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Rehearsal Beijing

We fly out from Melbourne tomorrow morning. Rehearsals in Beijing this weekend. Looking forward to hitting the studio & running through the show. It’ll also be good to break the travel for a few days on our way to Germany. We’ll be in Frankfurt late Monday night – should be about a 12 hour flight from Beijing. On past tours of Europe we’ve done the 40 hour trip to get there in one go. Body-clock massacre.

Zebra Festival Beijing 2011 copy
Zebra Festival, Chengdu China 2011.

So help me, I’m gonna film a tour diary for this tour (Germany, then China). And post them at weekly intervals here & on Facebook. I wanna focus more on gritty behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as catching the shows.

Fires out.
PS – check out Chapter Ray’s website – just went live, they’ve got their songs up there (we opened for em at the Barleycorn on Sat).

Planning For The Road

Max & I are sitting in our kitchen, lap-tops open, working on tour stuff. She’s in the process of booking accommodation in Germany. We’re couch-surfing, staying at Air B&B places or hostels wherever we can. Apart from keeping tour costs down, staying with local people can be a great way to learn about their city & culture. Sometimes they’ll come to the show and stay in touch.

Beijing air-port on our way from Midi Festival to Zebra Festival in Chendu, with other festival bands, 2011.

Another rehearsal this afternoon. A lot of running around going on. In less than a week we’ll be on our way to Frankfurt via Beijing. We’ll stop in Beijing for a few days to rehearse & catch up with our tour promoter there – and friends we’ve made over the past couple of years.

Catch ya Saturday at Barleycorn Hotel.

Fires out.

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