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Rehearsal & Out

Rehearsal today, breakfast first at Zarah then lugging gear to the studio. The streets are bumpy & cluttered. Getting the gear through people & scooters an art not yet mastered. A long playing session, maybe the last before the German tour starts. Labeling of gear & leads, so we know where everything goes. Back through the streets to the hotel. Out for dinner with Elizabeth & Jason who we met last tour. They’re just married. Had a great night, again at Badr’s bar. Great food. ‘Home’ at last. Flying out tomorrow. Frankfurt.

Rehearsal Beijing 31Mar13
Rehearsal Beijing 31 March 2013.

Fires out.

Whirlwind Beijing

Biggish night with our promoter last night. Rice wine. Bad news for non-hangover fans. Battled through the morning before rehearsal, then battled through rehearsal – which was awesome. I figure this is training for Germany. Had to go hunting for a bag to replace another bag which is dead already. Too much weight in our luggage. About 100 kilos between us. Merch, equipment, clothes, instruments. Walked around for ages searching. Big department stores – no bags, just fashion stuff. Dammit. Cabs wouldn’t pick us up to take us back to the hotel. Rickshaw ride, eventually (motorised). Fantastic. Kamikaze journey through traffic. Slept for an hour, then out to meet. Great food and beer at Badr’s new bar (we met last time – he saved me by directing me home through Beijing after a bender & a shocking sense of direction). Jo (friend and publicist) is a beautiful legend – she snuck in payment for the entire tab. Holy crap (it was hefty). ‘Home’ at last. Sleep now. Rehearsal tomorrow. Germany the day after.

Beijing MotorRickShaw 30Mar13
Behind the wheel, rickshaw through Beijing this afternoon.

Fires out.

Here In Beijing

We’re hear in Beijing. Took about 22 hours door to door by the time we made it to the hotel at 2am local time. Went out for food and beer. Sleep by 3 (6am Melbourne time). Sitting in Cafe Zarah, cool little place with WiFi around the corner from the hotel. Hooking up all the communications, phones & stuff. Rehearsal in an hour.

Beijing Cafe Zarah
Cafe Zarah, somewhere in Beijing.

Fires out.

Tullamarine Tarmac

We’re on. Got through baggage & customs & it weren’t easy. Ambitiously taking way too much weight. But talked our way through it til customs. They got a new guy there now, randomly weighing carry-on. Got me at 15 kilos over. Had to go back to check in & start over.


Lucky they didn’t weigh my laptop bag. Or the shopping bag full of gear slung over my shoulder. Anyway, we’re finally on the tarmac waiting to go.

Fires out.

Rehearsal Beijing

We fly out from Melbourne tomorrow morning. Rehearsals in Beijing this weekend. Looking forward to hitting the studio & running through the show. It’ll also be good to break the travel for a few days on our way to Germany. We’ll be in Frankfurt late Monday night – should be about a 12 hour flight from Beijing. On past tours of Europe we’ve done the 40 hour trip to get there in one go. Body-clock massacre.

Zebra Festival Beijing 2011 copy
Zebra Festival, Chengdu China 2011.

So help me, I’m gonna film a tour diary for this tour (Germany, then China). And post them at weekly intervals here & on Facebook. I wanna focus more on gritty behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as catching the shows.

Fires out.
PS – check out Chapter Ray’s website – just went live, they’ve got their songs up there (we opened for em at the Barleycorn on Sat).

Snow Angels

Less than 48 hours to go. Last minute stuff happening here. Picked up some back-up equipment at Jaycar Electronics in Melbourne this morning. There’s a test pack going on right now. Checking luggage weight. Max is also sorting out costumes (me – tech & sound equipment). One more consideration came to mind last night. It’s unseasonably cold in Europe right now. Snow falls are heavy with more on the way – they’re predicting very cold weather for the next week or so. We’re a little unprepared. Might have to whip out & grab some thermals. We’ll be leaving here with temps around 35 degrees (C) & landing there in zero…

Max Snow angel Boston 2011
Max’s snow angel, Boston (US tour 2011).

Fires out.

Show Shot

Mat Ward, our long-time band photographer, took this shot at the Barleycorn on Saturday night.

Barleycorn 23Mar13

Thanks to all who got down there for the show. As mentioned, Chapter Ray launched their debut EP later on in the night. They put on a great show – and had a great crowd come to see em. Haven’t seen the Barleycorn that full since the Gig Party days 10 years ago. Interestingly, a few of the band members in the line-up on Saturday were actually playing at the last Gig Party there – including photographer Mat Ward (guitarist for the infamous Tone Defs).

Fires out.

Morning After

Technical hassles dogged our show last night. We got there eventually & everything worked out. We’re doing something that’s new to us in our performance. Electronic stuff, still keeping an organic feel. Had a great time in the end. Tequila shots followed.

Morning after breaky in Collingwood.

Chapter Ray launched their debut EP to a great crowd later in the night. They put on an excellent show. Fantastic to see some of my old band mates killing it on stage, Brendan Young on guitar & Mick Brown on drums. Great stuff guys.

Fires out.

Tonight at Barleycorn

Ready to go for tonight at Barleycorn Hotel Collingwood. Load out to the van in 45 minutes. Doors open at 8. We’re on at 8:30.


Fires out.

On Like Donkey Kong

Max and I were just talking. It’s gonna be great to be out on the road again. We’re flying out in 5 days. Got the feeling this will be a great tour, staying with friends, couch-surfing, meeting people, working our way around Germany. We’ve played Berlin a few times – but this will be the first time we’ve traveled around the country. Excitement starting to build.

Early in the day at Zebra Festival, Chengdu China 2011.

Right after Germany, we’re touring China.

Tomorrow night’s show at the Barleycorn will be a great chance to warm-up before we go, our last Melbourne show for a little while.

Fires out.

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