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Oops. Video not ready yet. Been working on the set list for the show at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar on Saturday night 13th November.
Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Precious Injury Myspace Scandal

The good folk at have seized on a TOF Myspace anomaly – the low play count for album track, Precious Injury. Read the review.

Whilst not exactly a scandal, it’s a little surprising the track doesn’t get as many plays (then again, it’s third last on the player). The obvious question here is ‘Should this story be deserving of a front page blog post today?’. We’ll let you be the judge.

We think the farm-life is starting to get to us (slowing down in post tour decompression – yes, we are on a farm now – read yesterday’s post below)…

Video coming tomorrow, featuring the last 3 Aussie tour dates (sky-diving included).

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Fires On The Farm

We’re here on the farm, way out east of Melbourne. Setting up the studio & general living stuff.

Preparing for some writing & playin’. Moving is always a fun exercise. This one wasn’t too bad, weather was freekin beautiful here over the weekend. A far cry from impending winter in the northern hemisphere – from where we’ve recently arrived.

Still working on the video of the last 3 Aussie tour shows in QLD and NSW. Coming soon (Australian scenery & live stuff from Equinox Rocks, The Great Northern and The Annandale).

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Back Home To Melbourne

The Show in Sydney at The Annandale was great. (Wed night) Drove back to Melbourne yesterday (Thurs). Slept like logs. Moving into a studio on a farm today. Packing and luigging equipment…

Video coming from the first 3 Aussie tour dates – The Great Northern at Byron Bay, Equinox Rocks in QLD and The Annandale.

Checkya tomorrow.
Sleepers out.

Frasca Rocks Equinox

Saturday night’s show at Equinox Rocks was one of the wildest we’ve seen this year. The mighty Dallas Frasca and band took the stage to headline after our set (and we thought we were out there). I remember her climbing up on someone’s shoulders, mic in hand shouting at the crowd ‘I thought you guys were supposed to be extreme!. Come on!!!’.

The crowd went nuts several times throughout the set and, I must say, the energy took on an S&M vibe when her guitarist proceeded to pelvic-thrust at the floor whilst spread-eagle over his guitar. That’s when he wasn’t hanging up-side-down from the rafters. There were moments when Dallas became the ‘bondage master’ (audience members invited onto the stage to ‘pump’).

Above: Dallas and guitarist.

From the haze I recall myself and a bunch of other crowd members holding her guitarist up on a boogie board while he surfed his way through a lead break, finally releasing the parachute strapped to his back.

A truly no-holes-barred rock and roll show, drenched in the blues like only Dallas can.

Above: our set at Equinox Sat night.

Photos thanks again to Mr Mat Ward.

Seeya tomorrow night at the Annandale in Sydney. Check the Shows page for more details (2nd last Aussie tour show).

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

PS: below – shot of Marty sky-diving at the Equinox Festival

Equinox Festival Rocks at 14,000 Feet

The first of the Aussie tour dates kicked off with a bang on the weekend. A killer night at the Great Northern in Byron on Friday followed by Equinox Rocks Festival in Toogoolawah (just outside Brisbane) on Saturday. Sunday morning (after one of the best most fun shows of the year) we jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet, tandem parachuting to land next to the main stage area at the Equinox Festival. One hell of a way to cure a hang-over.

Mat Ward, our photographer, roadie and man-Friday joined us on the drop, believe it or not, to overcome a ‘fear of heights’. Can you believe that? He was 2nd out of the plane, Max was first.

Video from the weekend’s shows – and the sky-dive – coming soon.

Sydney show at The Annandale Wednesday night. Check the Shows page for more details.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

The On Fires Site Back On Line

We’ve had a couple of days with this website down. Apparently we were under a hack-attack & Google put the site out of action. Crazy.

We’re playing tomorrow night at The Great Northern, Byron Bay – as the first of our Aussie East Coast tour dates. Check the shows page for more details.

Off to reahearsal now.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

USA Tour Video Blog – Final Episode 2010

The vid below, shot the weekend before last, features the final 4 dates of The On Fires on tour in the USA, 2010. There’s footage from shows in Ithaca – New York, Allentown – Pennsylvania, Cambridge – Massachusetts and Asbury Park – New Jersey. Check out the ride home from New York City to Sydney, Australia (via LA) including the Sydney Harbour bridge & Opera House from 15,000 feet. All crammed into 6 minutes of vid…

Check out more of the Cambridge Massechusetts show at They brought a film crew to the venue (All Asia) & shot a great video of Coming Home. Many thanks guys (some of the footage features in the video above).

Checkya tomorrow.

Fires out.

USA Tour Video Coming

Youtube doesn’t like me at the moment. The connectivity out in the Aussie countryside is preventing the video upload. And that sucks because it’s a killer episode featuring footage of the last 4 USA tour shows in Ithaca, Allentown, Cambridge and Asbury Park. There’s also film of the ride home to Sydney Australia. I’ll keep plugging away at it – might get lucky before the night’s out.

We’re based here in Tamworth, New South Wales with shows coming later in the week including Friday at The Great Northern in Byron Bay and Equinox Rocks festival in Queensland. Check the shows page & we’ll seeya there.

Checkya tomorrow.
Fires out.

Back Down Under from USA

Back in Australia – arrived yesterday on a flight to Sydney from LA. Slept for most of it – woke up & saw we had about 2 hours left (14 hour flight). Takes a while to get used to turbulence on long flights & we had plenty on this one. Always gets bumpy flying across the Pacific…

Took this shot (below) this morning. We’re way out in the country side near Tamworth, New South Wales, staying in a house on the side of a long valley. It’s a freekin awesome place to beat the jet-lag & kick back with a beer or two.

The first of our east coast Aussie tour dates begin next week, Friday 15th at The Great Northern – Byron Bay and Saturday 16th at Equinox Rocks festival in QLD.

Video coming from the last weekend (4 dates) of the tour including The Saint in Asbury Park & Castaways – Ithaca, New York. The Saint was amazing. We’ll have the footage up here shortly.

Checkya tomorrow,
Fires out.

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