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Corner Hotel Shows – Turin Brakes

Great shows coming up at the Corner Hotel, Richmond over the next couple of months. Check em out. UK band Turin Brakes are set to play 2 shows there on 1st and 2nd of May. I loved that band – gave their debut album ‘The Optimist’ an absolute flogging when it came out nearly 10 years ago. We’ll be on tour in China when their shows are on here in May. Hopefully they come downunder again.

Turin Brakes.

Fires out.

K Rad Drums China

Started the day with a rehearsal. Working through the tour set. Emailed our drummer Kevin Radomski the first half of the set-list yesterday. He’s started ‘soaking’ as he puts it. Kev lives in Houston, Texas. He’ll join us in Beijing for a series of rehearsals in the week before the China tour which kicks off on the 26th April.

Kevin Radomski on drums in Poland 2010.

Fires out.

Queen’s Finest

How good were they! Love this  – Queen Live at Wembley…

Fires out.

Visa Time

Just got back from dropping our passports off to the visa agent for the China section of next month’s overseas touring. They’ll take a couple of weeks to process & we’re good to go.

Strawberry Festival Beijing, May 2012.

Fires out.

White Night Part 2

Last night at White Night Festival, Melbourne. Haven’t seen the city this packed before. Everywhere you went there were tens of thousands of people. Swanston Street was shut down by an enormous crowd which stretched from the Arts Centre to La Trobe St. Flinders St was the same from Russel to Elizabeth & beyond including every side street and laneway. The shot below – Ash Naylor setting up on stage below the clocks at Flinders St Station.

And a shot just before the bands kicked off (standing out front of St Pauls Cathedral) –

Fires out.

White Night Festival

Wandering around the massive White Night festival in Melbourne. A large section of the city shut down for bands, arts etc. standing in a long line at a bar. Taking ages. Across the street, Flinders Street station has a band stage set up on the steps under the clocks.

Flinders St Station, Melbourne – White Night Festival.

Fires out.

Tour Interview With Max

Really cool interview Max did about touring China. She called this one in around the time of our last tour in 2012. Check it out here.

Crowd shot at a show on tour in China 2011.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview –
The On Fires toured China in May 2011 and played non-stop cross the country. Their frenetic itinerary included Dalian, Shenyang, Beijing, Chengdu, Zhuhai, ,Shenzen, Guangzhou, Forshan, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Xi An. From bar gigs in Beijing to the Zebra Festival in Chengdu, the On Fires loved the energy of the crowds and found it “a reflection of the incredible boom going on in the country at this time”.

Fires out.

Tour Set Suggestions

Max posted this pic on Facebook yesterday. The tour set list from China May 2011. If I remember correctly, this was the festival set. The post was inviting suggestions for our set-list on coming tours of Europe and China (April/May this year). We’ve had some interesting suggestions on FB, including Hotel Room & Arms Open from the Betrayer album, an obscure track from the Sky Caves In album, Freefall (Shane Melville wanted that one – he’s the first ever to request it). Jeanette chimed in with ‘Eidelweiss’ for our German audiences. The list goes on. Check it out (FB comments).

Fires out.

OS Tour Set & Rehearsal

Worked through creating the OS tour set-list today, researching festival & club footage from last year to watch & hear which songs worked best. We’ve got a few new songs to add which means replacing some of the old ones (for upcoming shows in Europe & China). It’s been a pretty strong set for the past few years. The new songs have to be good enough to oust the existing. Brutal decision time.

The On Fires live at Midi Festival Beijing 2011.

Once we got an idea of where things were headed, we started rehearsing the new set in the afternoon. We’re feeling good.

Fires out.

Steve Skiing Austrian Alps

Vagrants guitarist Steve Iorio just posted this video on Youtube. Yep, he’s on the other side of the world, skiing the slopes of St Anton, Austria. In about 6 weeks we’ll be standing on a stage together for the first tour date in Cologne, Germany (5th April). Full European tour dates for April announced shortly.

Fires out.

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