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Special Guest – the extraordinary Steph

Special Guest – the extraordinary Steph, Retreat Hotel Abbotsford, 10th Dec 2023. Don’t Get Me Wrong. Always love it when Steph jumps in.

Happy New Year everyone!

The Best – Retreat Abbotsford Sunday Final 2023

The best! Thanks everyone… from Sunday – ‘Country Road’ @retreat_abbotsford

It’s been an amazing ride. This was the last show for the year (taking a little time off). There’s some great footage in this video – guest artists who raised the bar and made the shows what they were (including an Elvis crew dropping by for a sing). It was all happening. Thanks again & See you soon.

2nd Last Retreat Sunday

Awesome times with the finest people, yesterday @retreat_abbotsford. 2nd last show got rowdy and then some. I’ve had the best time – thanks to everybody for being part of it. Final show (for a little while) this Sunday.

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