Daz and Al complete the Choir at Retreat

Rowdiest and most fun of Sundays, yesterday at the Retreat. Daz and Al joined us (missed those guys) all afternoon on vocals with Deano, Wayno & Kev. Great to see Leanne, Campbell & Claudia (legends). THANKS again to Rohan for the pics & vids. This Sunday coming is show number 50! (sock puppets?)

Sunday at The Retreat Abbotsford

Yesterday @retreat_abbotsford – Thanks for the pics again Rohan (official photographer). Max jumping in on a few tunes. That’s Sean at the bar who finished the show with a cappella Kenny Rogers ‘The Gambler’. And Ebony just back from 2 weeks in Bali (not so happy about Melb’s cold weather…)

Eb’s awesome Skipping Girl earrings (Abbotsford Song…)

Candice on photo shoot for the day.

Max to the Max @the Retreat Abbotsford

Max rockin out yesterday at the Retreat Abbotsford. Direct from portrait painting, she’d had enough homework for one weekend. Time to let loose on the mic (and the bar). This Sunday coming – Campbell & bagpipes might be in the house… @retreat_abbotsford

THANKS TO ROHAN (official photographer extraordinaire) for the pics & video. Legend.

Saxon Raises Roof at Retreat

Saxon jumped up on Sunday and blew us away. I’m told he’s just 19. And one of the finest guitarists I’ve heard in a long while. Total virtuoso. Didn’t wanna follow him – but someone’s gotta do it. Stoked to do the Chili Peppers ‘Under the Bridge’ together. @retreat_abbotsford

Seeya Sunday at The Retreat Abbotsford!

The Never Ending Retreat Hotel Sunday Party

Such a great arvo again. Our friend from Florida, Ayala, joined us on her last Sunday here for a while. Sandy (who took the mic at some point), Cherish and Brad rocked up – hadn’t seen em for a while. The Boogieman crew were in. And it was Shane’s Birthday Bash! Sean got up a capella (one of my favourites). And Max killed it on a bunch of tunes. Massive day. See ya Sunday!


Dancing Bar Stool-Style, Retreat Sunday

Another great Sunday arvo at the Retreat. Ebony killing it here. There may have been some high kicking, displaying impeccable balance. (no one was hurt). Reece was up for 3 tunes, Wayno and Prue for her last appearance before a massive fund-raising walk starting in the NT this week. Good luck Pru! See you when you get home.

See you this Sunday!

Packed Retreat after Reclink Cup

Many thanks to Stalk for the shot below. It was massive yesterday arvo and into the night – the Retreat packed out with Reclink Community Cup patrons piling in after the game. The Megahertz getting over the line in a tight finish (I’m told). The Doggies getting up in the AFL – and me trying not to be distracted by that game on the TV in the front bar while playing. A big crowd in a great pub, rowdy, singing along, dancing. Melbourne winters are all about it. Seeya Sunday.

40 goes bang!

A fantastic afternoon / evening yesterday at the Retreat for show number 40. Yep – that’s 40 weeks in the chair! Great crowd, cosy in the front bar, and plenty of people all around the pub. Nice to have today off (King’s birthday public holiday). There’ll no doubt be a few sore heads. And I found my phone after having a crew of nice folks looking everywhere for it. Yep, feelin’ like a goose. I’d packed it up with all the gear, neatly into a case. Then set about panicking ‘where’s my phone???’. Anyhoo, all’s well that ends well. Thanks to everybody for a great day & see you again this Sunday. (It’s rumoured Max will be joining us)

Couple of pics from ‘the stage’ –

Show No. 40 – Retreat this Sunday

A long-weekend big one looms. This Sunday at The Retreat Hotel Abbotsford. Show number 40! See you there…

Here’s a shot of me and Paul from last Sunday. We were just a little under the weather. Of course, this was WELL after the show…

Max’s Bar Blitz

Max on the bar a couple of Sundays ago (Abbotsford Song). Thanks to Rohan for the pic. Had a great time yesterday. Felt like the first real winter arvo for the year, cold and rainy so we all crammed in, hunkered down inside @retreat_abbotsford

Back again this Sunday. See you there!

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