Our eyes & ears on the ground, Craigie McG, went along to the Community Cup on the weekend. Two football teams, The Rock Dogs comprising of Melbourne musicians – and The Megahertz made up of community radio jocks, slugged it out at Elsternwick Park for a drawn game; 5.5.35 to 4.11.35 respectively. 9000 people attended, and according to Craigie there was a steaker who appeared at a pivotal moment in the game…

“Went to the Community Cup yesterday..  it was a draw. [On stage after the game] Blue Ruin were great, complete with Cramps covers including “Bend Over I’ll Drive, & Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” – and on stage with Wally Kempton. Tim Rogers did a song too.. lots of weirdos there … good days.”

Pic thanks to Mess & Noise website. (Paul Kelly the coach, on the right)

“Heh.. yes some dogey umpiring (as per usual). A streaker stood on the mark which should’ve been the final goal of the day. Alas, skill on the geetar/stage didn’t match skill on the ground… Lots of banter about it being a ‘behind’.”

The Community Cup happens this time every year in Melbourne, raising money for charity organisation Reclink.