The Vagrant’s guitarist, Steve Iorio, is now in the alps of Austria for the ski season. Steve’s working there while assisting the setup of April’s European tour (which we’ll be joining them on). He uploaded this video on Youtube a couple of days ago after snowboarding in the mountains of St Anton. Nice work if you can get it.

The On Fires will fly into Europe late March next year to hang with the guys at St Anton, Austria (at the end of their ski season) & play a show or two there. Then it’s out on the road through Germany & surrounding countries during April.

Seeya tomorrow night at The On Fires Christmas party BBQ in the park – Browns Reserve Nicholson St Abbotsford. Kicks off at 6pm. BYO BBQ stuff & beer. We’ll bring the plates, sauce & bread – they’ve got free barbie facilities there. We’ll be playing a few songs unplugged – bring your acoustic & bongos.

Fires out.